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Front End (SpyBar, 75% Commission, $12.95) +
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2. JV Tools

Benefits to outline in your Broadcast/Autoresponder emails:

  • Discover WordPress Themes & Plugins in 1-Click (saves time AND money as many are FREE)
  • “Reverse Engineer” competitor backlinks in 2-Clicks
  • “Spy” on your competitors and steal their website secrets
  • No clutter or cumbersome desktop software – just ONE icon on your browser which gives INSTANT results
  • 100% Linked results to find more info on themes, plugins, backlinks, autoresponders or whois
  • Perfect for local business, review, Amazon and niche site owners.
  • BONUS: WordPress Rolodex – Over 50 of the best free and premium themes and  plugins available today

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Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #1


“Spy” on competitors in 1-click using this software…

How I spy on my competitors and “steal” their website secrets…


Quick question: Have you ever seen a cool design, feature or “gadget” on a website and wondered how it was done?

Maybe something like a slidebox, optin box, popup widget, social media sharer, countdown timer, or viral traffic feature…

Usually to find out you need to perform some timesome “guesswork” searches in Google for blogs, forums and website directories to find the answers.

But not anymore…

“SpyBar” is an awesome piece of software which does exactly this with a SINGLE click of your mouse.

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE to see it in action[YOUR LINK]

Not only does it analzye the themes, plugins, autoresponders of any WordPress website, it will also allow you to analyze the backlinks too!

Just 1-Click of your mouse gives you instant results with this information and it’s ideal for:

1. “Stealing” competitors backlinks for your review, niche or local business client sites.
2. Discovering new and exciting plugins and themes, many of which are free.
3. Finding WhoIs information to contact owners for JVs, product promotions, guest posts…

These are just SOME of the benefits but click below to see Rob Cornish’s demo of the software:

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE to see it in action[YOUR LINK]

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Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #2


“Reverse Engineer” competitor backlinks in 1-click…

“The BEST WordPress “discovery” tool available.  I love this…”


There are many tools around to allow you to analyze the SEO of websites.

The only problem is that they are expensive and usually involve cumbersome desktop software which you have to open and configure every time you want some simple information.

“SpyBar” on the other hand let’s you do this for FRE.E, without leaving your web browser and in just 2 clicks of your mouse (seriously!).

This makes it perfect for analyzing your competitors backlinks for niche, review and local business client websites.

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE now to see the SpyBar demo and grab your copy[YOUR LINK]

Not only this but it also gives you INSTANT results on the theme, plugins and autoresponder that any WordPress site is using.

As you know new WordPress tools are being released all of the time so it’s a fantastic way to keep up to date and find out how those cool little features are done on the websites you visit.

SpyBar also comes with the “WordPress Rolodex”, a directory of over 50 of the best themes and plugins for traffic generation, list building, social media, Amazon, offline/local business, security, membership sites, eCommerce, graphics, video, blog monetization, geo-targeting… and much more!

[YOUR LINK]Click HERE now to see the SpyBar demo and grab your copy[YOUR LINK]

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Broadcast/Autoresponder Email Swipe #3


See it. Click it. “Steal” It.

Warning: This is addictive!


Yes, a strange subject line for an email I know, but this is exactly what you can do with this amazing piece of software.

It’s called “SpyBar” and in a nutshell it allows you to analyze WordPress themes, plugins and SEO for any site that you visit.

In a rush? [YOUR LINK]Click HERE to see SpyBar in action[YOUR LINK]

As you probably know, WordPress is immensely popular (over 57 million sites now use it – increasing daily) and brand new themes and plugins are being released all the time.

Themes and plugins for: Traffic generation, local business marketing, site security, blog monetization, social media, membership sites, eCommerce / Amazon, mobile marketing, the list goes on and on…

The only problem is it’s almost impossible to keep up and make sure you are using the best available.

SpyBar solves this problem: Whenever you visit a site you click simply click the icon on your browser and it will instantly display links to the theme, plugins, autoresponder, backlinks AND “WhoIs” information 🙂

A massive money and time saver AND a great way to “steal” (legally of course!) the design features, WordPress tools and SEO assets of your competitors.


Talk soon,


Social Proof: Why Not Use Some of These Customer Comments in Your Promo?

“I have to say, I can’t think of any other IM product I’ve bought that literally – LITERALLY – within five minutes of purchase has proved its worth! Not only that, I find it so accessible it’s almost addictive… I use it continuously.”
David Thomson, ProcessMappingMagic.com
“I bought this when you did your launch a bit ago and I had to come back and tell you how much I am IN LOVE with this tool! I seriously use it at least once a day & have uncovered some of the coolest wp plugins & themes I had no idea even existed. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!”
Tammy Lee, Canada
“SpyBar is brilliantly simple, yet saves so much time. Often, I just want to know which plugin or theme someone is using, not necessarily how they’re implementing it. SpyBar makes this as simple as having all the information in an About page. Adding a link to a Google search was the icing on the cake in case I want to go get more information about the plugin or theme. Well done! (And thanks!)”
Steven Sanchez, Inexus.com
“First of all, having the tool appear as an icon on our browser is absolutely brilliant. Secondly, the dynamic detection is pure gold and something that really allows users to always stay on the cutting edge and not worry about outdated static databases. Thirdly, I really liked being able to easily see a competitor’s backlinks. Again, this tool is a HUGE timesaver and is so easy to use!”
Jit Uppal, GettingStartedOnlineFast.com

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Post 2: Discover WordPress Themes & Plugins in 1-Click? Here’s how to do it without leaving your web browser. [YOUR LINK]

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Post 5: Who else wants to reverse engineer their competitors’ backlinks with 1-click of the mouse? Check out this software to see how: [YOUR LINK]

Post 6: WARNING: This is addictive! [YOU LINK]

Post 7: Ever wondered what the gurus use to create such sleek and effective web pages? Here’s how you can “spy” on them… [YOUR LINK]

Post 8: The BEST WordPress “discovery” tool available.  I love this. [YOUR LINK]


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